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Roman Roofing is a family owned and operated full-service roofing company since 1987 that has been repairing and replacing quality roofs in and around Brooklyn for more than 33 years. We are licensed, insured, certified and we stand completely behind all of our warranties. We guarantee efficient service that never cuts corners or sacrifices quality.

Commercial Roofing Areas in NYC Park Slope Crown Heights Bay Ridge Dumbo Williamsburg Greenpoint South Slope Prospect Heights Red Hook Bushwick Dyker Heights Bedford-Stuyvesant Clinton Hill Carroll Gardens Gowanus Boerum Hill Windsor Terrace Prospect Lefferts Gardens Fort Greene Downtown Brooklyn

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Miami Mold Specialists provides leading mold removal services in Miami and surrounding areas. We have been offering excellent services to customers for 30+ years.

Mold Is a Real Health Concern. It Damages, It Contains, It Contaminates, It Smells. WE Can Help.

With confidence, before mold remediation we will find and fix the source of your mold problem with precision and efficiency. This includes condensation buildup, condensation on ductwork, elevated humidity, moisture intrusion, lack of ventilation and hairline cracks on the foundation.

We come to a conclusion and pride ourselves in excellence in customer service with confidence. We’re proud to announce that we have the most innovative technology in the industry exclusively manufactured by us for you! Customer satisfaction is our goal.

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